Delivering Top-Notch Communications & Public Relations Services

Companies seeking clarity in their communications to employees, regulators, clients and communities where they do business turn to Sugerman Communications Group. Our team offers a variety of services, including writing annual reports, producing videos, developing websites, drafting company policy documents, identifying public speaking opportunities, crafting speeches and creating philanthropic programs. We also design and implement media relations programs to promote a wide range of corporate activities that help position the company with its many stakeholder audiences.

Public Affairs

Clients seeking governmental approvals or public policy outcomes often require an integrated communications strategy to drive their position forward. Our team understands governmental decision-making and the connection between decisions and public opinion. Communicating with media, communities, governmental decision-makers and stakeholder groups is essential, as is taking a complex issue and putting it into language that is understandable to these diverse audiences.


Media Relations

Our work is strategic: not coverage for the sake of it, but rather smartly placed stories and carefully written comments that are part of an overall communications game plan. And in many cases, our role is to help clients navigate the challenging media landscape during times of crisis or when news needs to be managed very carefully. That’s where our experience, discipline and relationships play such a critical role.


Crisis Communications and Litigation Support

Sometimes clients find themselves in the eye of the storm. It might be a headline-grabbing lawsuit, or a debilitating labor strike, or word of an unfavorable news story in the works. We operate on the front lines, focusing on our clients’ immediate needs and their long-term priorities. Often, we align communications programs to conform to legal strategies, and are proud to work with some of the best lawyers in the country on behalf of clients involved in complex litigation or high profile transactions. 


Corporate Communications

The plans we develop and implement are designed to strengthen the reputations of a corporation, its senior executives and individual departments in the eyes of employees, customers, analysts, regulators and journalists. And writing is at the heart of it all: we assist our clients by communicating thoughts, ideas and information in a variety of forms, including websites, news releases, annual reports, CEO speeches, brochures, print ads, video presentations and e-newsletters.


Specialty Services

In addition to our core services, SCG takes on cases in specialized fields that require unique communications strategies. We bring insight and expertise to the table as we assist clients in navigating complex legislation and advancing policy interests in the public and business sectors.


Land Use Entitlements / CEQA

Securing land use entitlements can be a daunting task, especially in California. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires extensive measurement and analysis of impacts from a proposed development, as well as programs to mitigate those impacts. The CEQA process also invites thorough public input and sharing of project information with local communities, interest groups and government officials. Sugerman Communications Group has provided substantial communications and public affairs support to many high profile projects, including Playa Vista, Loyola Marymount University’s 20-year Master Plan, Hollywood Park redevelopment, Archer School for Girls, 100 West Walnut and Bakersfield Commons.



Sugerman Communications Group supports many clients in the energy field, from wind and solar firms to business groups advocating policies to incentivize clean energy programs. We are proud to have partnered with the Los Angeles Business Council to help secure passage of the city’s groundbreaking feed-in tariff rooftop solar program. Our work in the energy field extends to companies involved in the development of low-emission and zero-emission vehicles. We helped to launch the first North American headquarters for Chinese electric car maker BYD, and assisted Maersk Group communicate the energy-saving and emission-reducing technologies in use at its largest container terminal in the United States.


Trade and Transportation

International trade is one of Southern California’s dominant industries. We provide public affairs and communications services to a variety of companies involved in the trade sector. In particular, we have a longstanding relationship with the Pacific Maritime Association, whose members are responsible for managing marine terminals at 29 ports along the West Coast. These ports account for nearly half the maritime trade in America. We have also been active in client efforts to make the ports more competitive and environmentally sustainable, and have helped promote best practices APM Terminals’ Pier 400 in Southern California.



Our team continues to be very active in the education sector – from the primary and secondary to university level. We have worked with a variety of groups dedicated to best-in-class charter schools. We represent the Turner-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund, which aims to develop up to 80 campuses for the nation’s best charter schools over the next few years. We also support other charter organizations, and work with leading universities, including Loyola Marymount University and UCLA