Urbanize LA: 1111 Sunset gets the go-ahead from City Planning Commission

Urbanize LA
February 25, 2022
SCG client Palisades was featured in Urbanize LA. Read more below:

After a months-long pause, the Planning Commission signaled unanimous approval of the Cheval Blanc luxury hotel proposal on Rodeo Drive at a Special Meeting on May 26. The project stalled in February over concerns raised by the commission regarding the traffic court and alley, prompting the project’s team to request a hiatus from the review process to conduct studies and make changes. With commissioners indicating satisfaction with the changes, they will formally vote to recommend the project for approval by the City Council on June 13, initiating the next and final stage in the review process.

“I think the purpose of any public commission is to do what it can to advance the public good,” said out-going Vice Chair Thomas Hudnut. “I believe that in moving this project forward we are advancing the greater good of Beverly Hills. We will be bringing to the city a beautiful artifact, really.”