SCG Finds Nature in Balance at Apricot Lane Farms

May 31, 2024

The SCG team left the office far behind on a recent Friday for the chance to get closer to nature at a remarkable organic farm in Ventura County.

Roughly 50 miles from our Century City office, Apricot Lane Farms was started by a married couple – a chef and a filmmaker – evicted from their Santa Monica apartment due to their rescue dog’s insistence on barking. The two bought an arid former horse ranch in Moorpark with the goal of bringing the depleted soil back to life, and providing lots of space for their dog to run and bark.

Thirteen years later, Apricot Lane is a “reawakened ecosystem” whose 234 acres teem with more than 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables along with humanely raised cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, and a 600-pound pig named Itty Bitty. 

600-pound Itty Bitty enjoying her life on the farm.

The SCG team learning about red wiggler worms and the process for creating rich compost.

As captured in the documentary “The Biggest Little Farm,” Apricot Lane is considered a model in “regenerative farming” and embraces environmentally-friendly practices to naturally build soil health and promote biodiversity. Those include crop rotation, companion planting, managed grazing, and abundant use of compost created by 250,000 hungry worms in the farm’s vast worm bin.

Apricot Lane’s bounty is available at local farmers markets and an on-site farm stand open every weekend. The farm also offers tours and workshops, in addition to occasional evening concerts on its beautiful grounds.

For SCG, many lessons and takeaways followed from our day at the farm. Sustainability matters to our clients, and it matters to us. It was inspiring to see how farm founders John and Molly Chester started from scratch to create a thriving ecosystem and successful business that maintains the highest environmental and humane standards. We were also reminded that nature exists in a delicate balance that must always be respected. Finally, we welcomed the chance to step away briefly from our desks and Zoom cameras for the chance to be outdoors, enjoy one another’s company, and explore yet another dimension of the incredible richness that Southern California has to offer.